Bukovel Ski School


Skiing in the snowpark is so exciting with its stylish and spectacular stunts. If you ski or ride snowboard confidently, we invite you to learn freestyle elements on the ski jumps and jibs. New and unique experience is guaranteed! And also you will have what to show off to your friends. 🙂

  • Do you ski or ride snowboard confidently?
  • Do you always admire spectacular stunts in the extreme videos?
  • Do you try to jump from small jumps, but it does not always work out well?
  • Do you want to feel like one of the participants of the Winter X Games?
  • Are you tired of standing in a line for lift instead of riding?
  • Do you dream to perform confidently various stunts in all the ramps in the terrain park and impress your friends?

If you answered “YES” at least one question, come to the FREESTYLE SCHOOL and choose one of three training programmes!!! No matter what you ride – alpine skis or snowboard: choose the private or group training programme of theBukovel FREESTYLE School. Learn stylish tricks and progress! The Freestyle School of the Bukovel Ski School will help you to learn to perform the freestyle elements/tricks skilfully and controlled, getting the double pleasure of skiing.

* FREESTYLE isa style of skiing or snowboarding which involves performing different elements/tricks on the snow jumps and metal-plastic jibs by correct stance and balancing the body in the air or on thefixtures. The variety of fixtures and a vast number of stunt combinations provide the opportunity for the continued progress in this style of riding. Having tried once, you become a fan of Terrain Park! Welcome to FREESTYLE family!

You will get:
  • a professional instructor with freestyle education
  • training in the modern and full of different fixtures terrain park
  • free ski pass for VIP queue
  • knowledge and skills of performing basic freestyle elements
  • the basis that allows you to improve yourself
  • the video analysis of your tricks

To teach riding safe and comfortably on the slopes of Bukovel Ski Resort, get the permission to teach family and friends. Find out how to get the permission in 5 minutes.