Additional services

  • Sport Production Company is a professional organiser of the sports and entertainment events at the Bukovel Tourist Complex.
  • Our team is a group of experienced managers and professionals.
  • Sport Production’s financial and technical base creates all necessary conditions for organising and holding competitions at the highest level.

We are the leader in Ukraine in quantity and quality of the competitions of the Olympic disciplines: downhill skiing and snowboarding.

We also hold competitions in cross-country skiing, mogul, freestyle, slopestyle, snowboard cross, office competitions and quests for companies.

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We organise winter and summer office parties at Bukovel. Relay races, quests and trainings are all that strengthen friendship in your team. We also organise festive events and organiseholidays for children. We offer rafting, bike riding, quadrotors and many others.

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If you ski or snowboard confidently and skilfully, read the authorization procedure for getting the permission to teach the family. It takes less than 5 minutes and allows you to pass on your skills to family comfortably.