Improve your technique of snowboarding just in 5 days! The course “Learning to Snowboard for Beginners” will help you feel confident on various slopes!

  • The basic course “Learning to Snowboard for Beginners” is required for improving riding skills.

The real power of snowboarding can only be felt by confident controlling of a board at any speed and on any slope. The course is designed exclusively for people who can make linking turns on gentle slopes and ride snowboard confidently.

The carving course lasts 4 days. You will master the new style of snowboarding, aimed at achieving maximum completely controlled speeds.

– At this stage, you will improve the riding technique and correct mistakes to make more technical turns.

– You will learn to perform a carving turn without angulation (Angulation means corners formed between the parts of the body).

– Instructorswill help to learn carving turns using inclination (Inclination is the angle between the vertical axis of the body and the slope surface).

– You will learn the carving turns with angulation of the long and medium radiuses.

– After the lesson the video analysis takes place. You will see your strengths and weaknesses in the video.

– The instructor will help you improve your carving turnwith angulation and teach using inertia achieved from the pushed force on the snowboard in the previous turn.

– You will learn how to make the up-unweighting carving turn and will be involved in sports riding.

– The program provides teaching you to make the short carving turns downhill and short, rhythmic turns.

– After the lesson the video analysis takes part.

– You will learn safe skiing in a narrow corridor on any slope.

– Instructors will also help to control your speed fully on difficult slopes.

– You will begin to make a brief turn in the middle position and learn to overcome any slopes controlling the speed and balance.

– After the lesson the video analysis takes part.

– At this stage, you will improve the turn in the middle position.

– The instructor will help you learn the elements of freestyle and teach the explosive change of movement direction, basic jumps and freestyle elements (SWITCH, OLLIE, NOLLIE, REVERT NOSEROLL, TAILROLL, NOSEPRESS, TAILPRESS. NOSESLIDE (270 out), TAILSLIDE (270 out).

– After the lesson the video analysis takes part.


Choose a comfortable type of training according to the season. Also, you can save money by learning in a group.


Are you confident in your ski or snowboard skills? Find out the way how to get the permission to teach your family. The procedure will take not much time, but allow you to pass on your skills to the family on the slopes.