Rider Code

Skiing is an extreme type of recreation, so choosing it you are responsible for yourself or your children!

All over the world, the basic safety rules on ski slopes are considered to be 10 FIS rules! Another name is the White Code, developed by the International Federation of Skiers (Federation Internationale de Ski). These 10 simple rules are the basis of ski etiquette.

Ascent and descent on foot

Easy and jazz walking (otherwise – descent and ascent on foot) should be done on the edge of the slope, not in the middle.


According to your Instagram profile, you are not identified, where it is more important to have identity documents.

Control of speed and direction of movement

You may be a descendant of Schumacher, but do not forget to control the speed and direction of movement on the slope. Emphasize the steepness and preparedness of the slope, weather conditions, the number of people on the slope.

Correct trajectory

Pedestrian crossings on the slopes are planned to be installed in 2098, and until they are installed – do not hinder the movement of those who are down the slope.

Safe overtaking

Of course, you are not a KAMAZ on the slope and, most likely, you will be eaten, but, as Christina Solovy sings: “Who but you?” will take care of a safe distance until the end of the maneuver?

Signs and markings

On the slopes, watch not the new series of your favorite series, but the signs and markings. Not so interesting, but so necessary!

Departure to the slope, start

And I want to, and prick. Oh, no traffic lights and approving green traffic light signals on the slopes. Assess the situation yourself, do not create dangers!

Stop on the slopes

Alarms have not yet been installed on skis and snowboards. Do you want to stop? Do it from the edge of the track, not in the middle.

Offer to help

Become 007 agents on the slopes for those in need. Don’t pass by! And then call those who are always on the cutting edge – +380 (67) 342 31 11.

Attention to others

We focus not only on our own safety, but also on others.