Do you want to try your hand at family instructing? Bukovel Ski School hasgiven the opportunity to teach your relatives on special slopes of varying difficulty for 3 years.


Since 2014 the Bukovel TC has allowed to teach skiing and snowboarding only to the instructors of Bukovel Ski School and the instructors of partner schools with the permission to teach. Besides the professional instructors who train in Bukovel Ski School, we provide special permissions toteach thefamily.

Bukovel Ski School is able to provide permissions to teach family and friends on special training slopes. This rule was introduced in order to improve the service level of skiing at the resort and the safety of tourists with different background skills. You can safely teach your relatives or improve skiing and snowboarding technique, holding lessons on the appropriate slopes (for beginners or for professionals),having received thepermission.

The following people have the right to conduct lessons on the territory of the Bukovel ski resort:

  • Bukovel Ski School instructors in alpine skiing and snowboarding;
  • Instructors of other partner schools who are official partners and have written permission to conduct lessons;
  • people who train their close relatives (children, wife, husband, father, mother, brother or sister) and got the permission to teach.

You need to apply to be given the permission.


  1. Fill in and send an on-line application (the form is below)
  2. Fill in and submit an application on the territory of Bukovel Ski School, 7а


  • passport of the person who will train
  • or driving license
  1. On the day of training sessions, you should be with your students in the department of the Bukovel Ski School 7а from 9a.m. to 4p.m., where you will get a permission to teach in 10-15 minutes. You can also book the permission in advance by sending a request on the website. The application form for the permission to teach is on this page below.
    At the office of the ski school:
    You will learn the rules of safety on the slopes during your teaching.
    The start and end of your lesson are being arranged, the level of slope difficulty and piste for training are determined according to the skiing level of your students.
    You will be given a shirtfront and the permission to train. 
  2. The documents you must have: (a passport or driving license).
  3. Instructors are given the Bukovel Ski School shirt-fronts for the lesson, the earnest money is equal to 100 UAH, the earnest is returned after the lesson and return of shirt-fronts.
  4. You can start the lesson immediately after getting the permission and the shirt-front. At the session the shirt-front must be on you.
  5. After the lessons, you return the shirt-front and the permissions to teach to Bukovel Ski School.
Sending an application (the form is below) be sure to specify:

  • Full name of the partner ski school
  • Ski school contacts
  • Date and time of the lesson
  • Number of students to be trained
  • Number of teaching instructors
  • Skiing level of those who will be trained
  • Additional requests (difficulty level of slopes, giant slalom run etc.)

The permission to conduct lessons is available in the department of Bukovel Ski School 7а.

In case that violations are exposed during the training, Ski School administration will impose sanctions:

  • Warning
  • Ski pass lock

We organise winter and summer office partiesat Bukovel. Relay races, quests and trainings are all that strengthen friendship in your team. We also organise festive events and organiseholidays for children. We offer rafting, bike riding, quadrotors and many others.

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Filling in your application you must specify all the data of your identity and contact phone numbers.
Individuals should specify the address and representatives of partner ski schools should specify the school name and contacts of the school. Carefully fill in the date and time gaps for arranging the training.
Be sure to fill in short information about your students. When applying for confirmation and receiving shirt-fronts, you must specify the passport data.

* – Filling in and sending this application form, you consent to the processing of your personal data.