The instructors were fine but

The instructors were fine but girls at ski school 2 A reception was extremely unkind and rude.
We were shocked about unwelcoming environment at this ski school and not willing to solve any problems !!!!
We wanted to leave two our children at day ski camp but one of our kid does not speak Russian but understands, the other kid speaks and understands Russian language.
The girl at ski school reception said that they can take only one kid to day camp but not other one since he does not speak Russian although these two children are friends.
At the web site IT IS NOT WRITTEN that children who do not speak fluently Russian can not attend ski day camp !!!

Instead of giving any advice what to do, the administrator ( also senior administrator ) told that it is not their problem and we can do what we want !
We were two families and we have bought day tickets since we were planning to leave children at the day camp.
So we lost our tickets because we could not ski and our day was spoiled.

So the service is at very low level, You could never ever experience something like that in Europe !